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Workplace health and safety of our people is a core value at National Facades Australia.


We will strive to achieve zero harm, in respect to work health and safety by:

  • Creating a culture that encourages and supports all employees to take an active interest in their own safety and the safety of those around them, regardless of their position or role

  • Consulting and collaborating with employees and contractors to continually advance the work health and safety in our workplace

  • Identifying, implementing, examining and reinforcing the safe behaviours we expect in our business to remove unsafe acts and practices.

  • Compliance with the laws, regulations and National Facades Australia's operational policies and standards.

  • Identifying, evaluating and managing hazards, and embracing an approach that eliminates or reduces the risk to an acceptable level;

  • Informing employees, contractors, visitors and the public of these hazards that may cause potential harm to them, our staff or our business.

  • Providing appropriate workplace health, safety and environmental training to employees and contractors.

See the CEO's WHS Commitment here



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