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General Production


National Facades Australia's factory is equipped with the machinery and staffed with the best people to provide metal fabrication for small and large jobs.


We can quickly and professionally produce material for your projects, including all cutouts and complex CNC machining, a range of extruded metal products such as window and door frames, shade structures, louvred doors and windows, balustrades and many others.

To find out more about our production services – contact us here.




National Facades Australia has been established to work closely with builders to provide an end to end project delivery capability which includes the following elements:

Project Delivery



With access to internal and outsourced drafters, National Facades Australia is able to provide responsive, professional and detailed drawings in support of architectural intent. We are able to design and deliver basic window systems, or bespoke, complex designs through our fully warranted and certified design team.


  • Access to over 150 years of experience in Glass and Construction

  • Internal designers able to turn concept into ‘For Construction’ solutions

  • Fully warrantied and certified engineering solutions

  • Off the shelf or bespoke designs to meet architectural intent

  • Cutting edge design technology using collaborative tools




Our position within HiTec enables outstanding buying power throughout Australia. Our history in the industry means our relationships with suppliers are stable, based on a history of trust and respect. Our integrated approach to delivering projects means our procurement systems have materials when we need it, where we need it, everytime.


  • Part of the Hi Tech Group of Companies

  • Access to proprietary skylight and glazed window solutions

  • Expertise in design solutions and engineering certification

  • Access to competitive pricing structures through Group buying power



Our combination of fabrication and factory management experience,

state of the art machinery and highly motivated staff means our fabrication is accurate, delivered on time and with care. Our highly detailed Quality Control measures are intrinsic to our values, meaning clients can be assured of the quality of product coming out of our factory.


  • Canberra based fabrication facility

  • Latest technology using CNC machines, lathes and cutting benches

  • Over 100 combined years of experience in production coordination, management, fabrication and logistics

  • Internal workforce drives high quality solutions




Project Management


Integration is key to our project management philosophy. Projects are centrally coordinated and integrated, ensuring all parts are working harmoniously and in support of the goal.


  • High quality project planning, management and delivery

  • Coordination of design, selection of supplier, procurement, fabrication, logistics, installation, contract compliance, quality assurance and certification

Project Management
Glass Facade



National Facades engages only the best subcontractors to install our work, and demand they work in a collaborative and responsive manner. Our Site Managers ensure program timings are met, that the work is completed to the highest quality.


  • An unwavering commitment to using only the best installers available

  • Access to Canberra and Sydney fixing and glazing expertise

  • Tailored installer workforce to meet the unique demands of each project, meaning you won’t get an inexperienced installer doing your complex and expensive installation work

  • Collaborative and team based approach to delivering the project ensures a trouble free experience

  • Commitment to each other drives trust and discretionary effort

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